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Amazing working line puppies w/ instruction

Top Tier K9 is pleased to announce that the grand opening of our new Blackwater Bay Florida location will kick off with a "Build a Battle Buddy" class for anyone wanting to learn how to build their own protection dog or service dog "that also protects".

We have 4 amazing litters that are coming available the first of the year through our "Litters on the Ground" program. These are world-class Belgian Malinois and Dutch Shepherds from proven lines on both sides of the tie. 3 Litters of puppies are coming in from Mr. Chad Miller of Miller Ranch K9 in Alberta Canada and will be distributed to students based on central pickup points across the nation. Big Roy, and Tommy lines are in this mix.

The program will include instruction and support on training your own working dog and one of these amazing puppies will go through the program with you. At the end of the training, you will have your own Battle Buddy. The training is "Live online" and includes DVD/Video streaming instructional videos, the world's first Virtual reality Dog Training Center and human support in weekly learning and troubleshooting classes with some of the worlds top working line dog trainers.

Costs for phase 1 of training (including the puppy) is $7,995 and will get you and your puppy started off properly for tracking, scent detection, protection/apprehension and obedience as a Foundation Dog®. Foundation Dog® Training Phase 2 is an additional $2,900 and will begin exposing you and your puppy to advanced obedience, bite work with distractions, turns and extension of tracking and scent discernment in scent detection...and more. Foundation Dog® Training Phase 3 will be an additional $2,900 and goes into the highest levels of obedience, tracking, scent detection and protection. with you having your very own amazing working dog, battle buddy, at your side!! Ongoing support (Phase 4) will be available through of VR training system, videos and DVDs and weekly Live on-line troubleshooting classes with master dog trainers.

You can basically end up with your own $25,000-$35,000 protection dog for less than $14,000 and learn to train a working dog at the same time with support from our Madison and Milton locations. (if you don't want to go through all the work and education to train your own dog, we have amazing protection dogs and service dogs for sale).

Sign up at and lets kick the new year off with a plan to increase security and skillsets through one of the top dog trainer schools on the Planet! Top Tier K9.


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