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A Great Group of Students

We had a great time this spring working pets and learning how to start and run our own businesses. The class starts out online and we meet Jeff Minder face to face for our academic training, Alyssa Browning then helps us through the practical work of training our pets. 8 weeks live online and it was a blast!

Then we traveled to Madison Florida where we spent an entire week learning about project management and business analysis. We created executable business plans and presented them to our peers and instructors. We made the business plans better and better each day and even applied a session of risk evaluation to our plans. We then incorporated our board and train program plans into our business plans and then trained a bunch of really cool dogs.

The second week we trained dogs and learned about the interaction with customers, customer relationship management, contract work, and how to maintain the customers satisfaction while we train their beloved pets.

Over half the class is going on to Foundation Dog trainer immediately so they had fun over the weekend participating in scent detection, protection, and advanced obedience. This is a great course we would recommend to anyone who wants to learn how to train dogs for other people, not just train their own sports dogs. This is the place to learn about business and how to start and run your own business! What a ride!!


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