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2023: A big year! 2024 even bigger

The Top Tier K9 Academy for Dog Trainers set new records when we passed the 200 certified dog trainers mark. We trained and certified more than 60 new dog trainers in 2023. These dog trainers are almost all gainfully employed in the dog training industry. Over 90% of our graduates in 2023 are now working as dog trainers, own their own dog training businesses and/or launched a Top Tier K9 Franchise.

Top Tier K9 Franchising has expanded to 6 different states. Florida, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Indiana, Missouri and Colorado. We will be opening up in Montana and Texas early 2024. Our franchise system is unmatched in the dog industry, affording our franchisees the ability to work in pet training, Foundation Dog® training, and finishing those Foundation Dogs® as service dogs, protection dogs, and special security dogs including military/LE, bomb dogs, and even virus detection dogs. 4 of our franchises were involved in our 15 dogs for 15 veterans end of year event. This was one of, if not the, most successful dog/veteran event in the country. Our central training program for Foundation Dogs provides an inventory for all of our franchises so they can obtain "just in time" service dogs, protection dogs and special security dogs for their clients with almost no overhead.

Expansion to Milton Florida: We have relocated most of our corporate operations to our Blackwater Bay facilities. A hurricane devasted Madison Florida in August 2023 and did massive damage to our facilities there. No dogs were hurt and we were able to relocate dogs to our Tallahassee and Milton facilities for about 5 weeks until we finished out the facilities in Milton and now able to centralize our operations here.

The Virtual Reality Dog Training Center continues to improve and gain attention in the metaverse. The ability for people to practice our command sequence using a VR headset and practicing with our VR dog (Obi) has been a tremendous training aid for our pet owners and moreso for our service dog clients. Being able to practice leash management and the command sequence without hurting a dog has given dozens of our service dog clients a level of confidence that they would have never achieved. We look for continued success with our multi-media offerings through 2024.

Service/Protection Dogs: 2023 has solidified our leadership in the service dog industry. Top Tier K9 leads the nation in the training, transfer, and distribution of service dogs and more importantly service dogs that also protect. The combat disabled veterans we have helped this year have 100% recognized a significant improvement in symptom reduction and increase in quality of life through the confidence that our service dogs that also protect provide them. Story after story of relief, deeper sleep, more control over self, more confidence in the future, hope. Nothing will deter this program. We are getting bigger and better every day in our capacity to meet the demand of this industry and to deliver quality training to the owners, deliver quality Foundation Dogs to our franchisees and support them in finishing those dogs for these deserving veterans.

As we expand into the rest of the country we will continue maintaining our high levels of quality assurance and professionalism. Our goal is to empty shelters through the effective training of dogs and their owners. The vast majority, 4.9 million +, of dogs euthanized each year are killed due to behavioral problems that we, and our franchise system, can fix. In doing this, our second goal is the expansion of entrepreneurship across the country and even the globe. Capitalism: The ability to own property and use that property as the owner sees fit, is alive and well at Top Tier K9. We will continue to spread the word, carry the sword, and stand the wall on behalf of our 200+ certified trainers, our franchisees, and most importantly; the dogs and their owners who need our communication system more than ever. Look for big happenings in 2024 for Top Tier K9, Top Tier K9 Franchising and Top Tier Meta!! Merry Christmas and Happy new Year.

It all starts with our Pet Trainer program (January 11, 2024 with day and night options). Online with master dog trainers who are also award winning teachers. That's the difference, and it's a big difference if your goal is to learn to train dogs for other people and become your own boss. Your friends at Top Tier K9

(850) 909-2409 or (850) 321-3253


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