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Top Tier K9 Student Spotlight: Chris Williams

Chris Williams is a Top Tier K9 certified pet trainer, certified working dog trainer and now a certified safe catch decoy. Chris has a booming business in Montana called "Run Your Pack" where he provides pet training and working dog training to clients who travel as far as 4 hours just to work with him. Chris is also a certified affiliate of Top Tier K9 and he is actively producing foundation dogs at his location. His daily work also includes caring for his daughter. Yes, Chris runs a successful business and can also be the one who instills his values and care for his daughter at the same time.

Chris was previously a producer on the hit TV series "Mountain Men." Chris enjoyed the challenge and creativity associated with producing TV shows and even starred in one featuring the off-grid yurt he and his wife built in the mountains of Montana.

Despite success in production, Chris' passion was working with dogs, and--to put it simply--he wanted to be his own boss and control his schedule. This lead Chris to the internet in search of a dog trainer school that would allow him that flexibility. Chris found Top Tier K9.

"I researched all the top dog trainer schools in the nation and did a comparative analysis. Top Tier K9 provides world class project management and business development training as well as the most effective and complete dog trainer program I could find: a top dog trainer school that allowed me to keep my job, start my own business at my own pace, and have the support of an affiliate network; no other school even came close to this offering".

"Top Tier K9 taught me how to train pets and run my own pet training business while I kept my day job, and provided on-going support while my business started to grow; no other dog trainer school (or any college or university for that matter) does that. I then used my profits to take the working dog trainer program and decoy training programs."

Chris signed up for the live online class "The Art of Dog Training" and soon after took the "Pet Trainer" and the "Puppy Imprinting and Forecasting Program" live online. The rest, well it's mountain lore. When internet interference was a challenge, Chris would travel to the base off the mountain where he had a better signal to finish up his pet and working dog training classes. After class he would haul water to the yurt, cut wood for the stove and, of course, train dogs.

Chris certified as a pet trainer, then found his German Shepherd puppy "Liesel Weapon" and began imprinting her through the working dog trainer program. Chris trained all over the local community. He built his pet trainer business while promoting his working dog training business with his new puppy. In his down time he was tracking in the mountains, teaching his dog how to ride on a 4-wheeler, building fires by night and filtering snow for drinking water by day. Chris quickly became known as the Jeremiah Johnson of dog training within the inner circles of Top Tier K9.

Traveling to Madison Florida, Chris certified as a working dog trainer with Liesel Weapon and got to work with several different dogs at different levels of foundation training in tracking, protection, advanced obedience and scent detection. Chris took part in a weekend seminar doing certification focused on Search and Rescue. He received help with his business and marketing plans and returned home to begin the process of turning "Run Your Pack" into one of the best dog training business in Montana.

When it came time to file his taxes after his first year in business, his CPA asked: "Where did you learn business accounting, Chris"? Chris responded in a way that made his CPA smile, "Dog trainer school."

"We are extremely proud of Chris Williams. There are certain people who you know are going to rise to the top of their profession rapidly. I believe you will see Chris raise the ceiling and redefine what quality dog training is truly all about". - Jeff Minder, CEO Top Tier K9

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