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Top Tier K9 Expanding Service Dog Trainer Program for Disabled Veterans

Top Tier K9 is expanding the Service Dog Trainer Program to include providing service dog training and support to disabled veterans so they are capable of managing and even providing additional training to their own service dogs. Year after year we discover that the greatest need in the dog training industry is working with and training people, not just dogs. We analyze the industry continuously and have found a huge void in most dog trainers ability to effectively communicate and transfer their knowledge to the dogs owner/handler. By expanding our classroom to include service dog owners, we are able to expose some of the top dog trainers/people trainers in the industry and work directly with the service dog owners. We train service dogs, we teach others how to train service dogs, we provide service dogs to disabled veterans, we train those veterans face to face on how to manage and maintain the training of their service dogs, we assist others in starting their own dog training businesses that includes service dog training.

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