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Producer of Hit Series "Mountain Men" is now a Top Tier K9 Certified Pet Trainer

He made it. Chris Williams is now a Certified Pet Trainer and enrolled in the Top Tier K9 Certified Working Dog Trainer Program. Chris has been an amazing student and will represent the quality that top Tier K9 helps create in our certification programs. "From dreaming to doing.Got to my mid-twenties and realized I needed to quit faking it and run with my passion for working with dogs. I immediately began to save money and research the best program designed for training professional dog trainers. I considered Michael Ellis and Tom Rose for a time. Both required me to save a ton and commit about 6 months away from my wife to complete the program which, at the time, was not feasible. So I hunkered down, continued to save and waited for that distant time in the future that could possibly allow for that type of flexibility. That was until I got on the phone with Jeff Minder. Anyone who has met/spoken to Jeff will immediately understand why he has left a wake of success wherever he goes. After he clearly laid out the SCOPE of the Top Tier K9 program…I was sold.I started fresh in the ‘Art of Dog Training’ and from day 1 Top Tier K9 has exceeded my expectations. Class is brilliantly structured and the information is clearly and carefully laid out. Oh and the staff…Jeff Minder: Brings all his expertise, both in business and dog training (at an analysis level) to the table. I didn’t even realize what I didn’t know about business until I learned it from Jeff. He aims to not only equip you with dog training information: he lays out clear instruction on how to take those skills and apply them in a way to be successful as a small business owner. Kari Koch: Is a true master dog trainer (think yoda status) who offers a level of expertise you just won’t find anywhere else. Her passion for dogs is contagious and her instruction is clear and constructive. I learned more from Kari in the 2 weeks I worked with her down in Colorado than I have over the past 8 years as a dog training enthusiast learning (what I could) from other trainers, books and online videos.Because of the unique nature of the classroom, we were also fortunate enough to learn from other professionals all around the country. Carolyn Cabot, with over a decade of vet tech experience, gave excellent and detailed instruction about the

health and wellness side of dog training. She’s also been a valuable resource for every medical related question I could ever have regarding my pups. I am sure I will continue to bug her incessantly in the future as my pack inevitably grows… I can honestly say, my decision to invest in Top Tier K9 has been EXTREMELY rewarding. I not only gained a ton of knowledge – I now have the confidence and support to start my own dog training business in Montana. A fun unexpected bonus gained going through this program? I have connected with SO MANY awesome dog people all over the country. Jeff and Kari have created a community of supportive dog professionals (Certified Affiliates), many of whom I now consider close friends.This program provided a clear path that allowed me to go from DREAMING about working with dogs to DOING. If you are seeking a career change or just interested in learning as much as you can about working with canines, you will not be disappointed with Top Tier K9.I just finished my pet trainer certs…immediately signed up for the working dog program – bring on the bite work!"--Chris Williams

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