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Puppy to Protector

Top Tier K9 launches its "Puppy to Protector" program. This program is designed using our one of a kind puppy imprinting and forecasting program, a key training component of our Academy for Dog Trainers Working Dog Trainer Program. Our neighborhoods are getting more dangerous by the day. Citizens are being targeted for their work in the military and law enforcement, for their religious beliefs, and if they are conservative in their political beliefs. Having an early warning system, that can also eliminate the threat to self and family is a great relief to our clients. The Top Tier K9 Imprinting and Forecasting Program takes 7-9 week old puppies of select breeds and turns those puppies into dogs that perform requirements associated with personal and family protection, explosives detection, tracking, search and rescue, narcotics detection and more.The "Puppy to Protector" program creates specially trained protection dogs to support people who need security for themselves and their families. We breed and hand select puppies that have the right genetics, disposition and temperament to be excellent protection dogs, we then socialize and train these dogs to perform their roles as "Protector" and match these dogs with our clients. Our buyers are then trained in handling the protection dogs, commanding and controlling the dogs, caring for their health and welfare. We provide a central point of on-going training and maintenance for our clients giving them the confidence to rely on their dog and the support of Top Tier K9 staff, graduates and affiliates. We also train existing pets that meet the criteria necessary to train as a protection dog and provide training to those dogs and their owners through our Certified Affiliate locations. Graduates of the Working Dog Trainer program at the Top Tier K9 Academy for Dog Trainers are certified to provide imprinting and on-going training for working dogs and their owners, providing a network of support for our clients Our Certified Affiliates have training tools and facilities throughout the country that provide on-going support to our students and our clients to help ensure their protection dogs are fit and tuned for the job they are required to do.

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