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Top Tier K9 International Certifications

With the release of V2.0 of the Top Tier K9 Virtual Reality Dog Training Center, Top Tier K9 can now fulfill international pet trainer certifications without students traveling outside of their own countries.

Prior to this current release of Top Tier K9 in the Metaverse, international students would take the live-online pet trainer program and business bootcamp via the Internet followed by a one week stay onsite at our Madison Florida Campus. This required our international students to travel to America and encumber the costs of overseas travel, rental cars, lodging, and separation from their countrymen. Most of our former graduates had never traveled to America before and with travel restrictions including COVID, and invasive tactics of airlines, customs, and TSA, many of our international students simply would not make the trip and thus could not certify and fulfill their dreams.

The purpose of the travel was necessary so that Top Tier K9 instructors could test students so as to ensure students met an application level of learning in the Pet trainer program to earn their certifications. This testing can now be done through the use of the Virtual Reality Dog Training Center and with the students participating in our ongoing business development workshops live online.

As we continue to grow our products and services we will be expanding more and more outside of the borders of the USA, taking our programs into other countries and assisting people in becoming expert dog trainers and business professionals. We have also started the process of expanding our franchise system into other countries and will be announcing that expansion in the coming months.

For now, students from anywhere in the world can attend our pet trainer classes live online, attend our business bootcamp live online, and attend our pet trainer certification live online and using a VR headset in the metaverse. So in essence, Top Tier K9 is officially launching a Certified Location in the Metaverse.

This program is available starting March 2023 in our next Pet Trainer class. Visit to learn more.


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