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Service Dog Trainer begins April 5th, 2022

Top Tier K9's master class for service dog trainers begins April 5th 2022. Foundation Dog Trainer is a prerequisite for this class. Class begins April 5th and will run for 10 weeks live online where students will learn how to finish Foundation Dogs as service dogs for people with disabilities.

After the 10 week program, students who intend to certify as a Service Dog trainer will train and sell at least one service dog and will participate in our monthly support gatherings for our current service dog owners in our "build a Battle Buddy" and "K9 Warriors for Women" programs.

Service dog trainer is a masters level class. Our instructors provide guidance and structure during the first 10 weeks and our students then work at a self pace and will present a business plan for integrating service dog training into their dog training businesses as well as finish a service dog and effectively place the dog through sale.

Visit to sign up for the program. or use this link if you have already finished Foundation Dog trainer for a direct sign up.


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