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It is all about the dogs! 2022 is shaping up to be a stellar year for Top Tier K9, LLC. Our focus is educating people to become master dog trainers who are able to start and run their own dog training businesses.

Service Dogs: The Build/Buy a Battle Buddy Program: Great success already in 2022 with our service dog programs. We have 2 disabled veterans who now own their own service dog that they trained, from scratch. Both veterans are now Certified Foundation Dog trainers and are prepared to train dogs for other people with disabilities and have amazing finished service dogs at their sides. We have 3 disabled veterans who are the proud owners of Foundation Dogs finished as Service Dogs that they have been trained to manage and care for through the buy a Battle Buddy program. All 5 of these veterans and first responders came through Forgotten Coast K9, our preferred charity for donations relating to service dogs for disabled veterans and first responders.

We have 5 Foundation Dog Trainers enrolled in our Service Dog Trainer Masters Class. These 5 dog trainers will learn everything necessary to be successful at adding service dog training to their businesses. Students learn what they need to know to train service dogs in our Foundation Dog program. Our Masters class is to help our students train service dogs for people with disabilities. Training the dog is always the easiest part. Training someone with disabilities to manage that dog is far more complicated. Our students learn how to do that.

K9 Warriors for Women: Top Tier K9 has launched a new program called "K9 warriors for Women" and Ms. Cambrie Schroder is a brand ambassador for this program. This program will match up high level personal and family protection dogs with women who have been abused and in need of security. Ms. Schroder is the proud owner of Top Tier K9 "Scope" and will be traveling the world with Scope at her side as she continues her career as an actress, model and women's health business owner. Watch for some big announcements in this program.

Unleashed TV. The newest episode of Top Tier K9 on Unleashed TV will be aired in 3 weeks. This is an episode about our students, our graduates and their businesses. Learn what it means to be a Certified Top Tier K9 dog trainer. This is why we are rated #1.

Top Tier K9 in the Metaverse. Version 1.0 of our Virtual Reality Dog Training Center will launch this summer. It will be available for pet owners to practice a balanced approach to dog training using markers, rewards, luring, and minimum corrections necessary to change bad behaviors exhibited by a virtual dog. This program will allow our clients to become proficient at markers, rewards, corrections and our command sequence that makes our balanced approach to dog training the best solution for training dogs and owners in the world. Protection, scent detection, tracking and advanced obedience are planned for upcoming releases of the system. Jeff Minder, CEO and Founder of Top Tier K9, is a Certified Project Manager (PMP) and previous owner of a software development company. This allows for a seamless transfer of his expertise in dog training to the metaverse.

Foundation Dog is a registered trademark of Top Tier K9, LLC


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