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Levels of K9 Performance

At Top Tier K9 we have some of the top dogs on the planet. We are not only one of the best dog trainer schools in the world, we also provide business development, pet training services and dog sales all over the world (and in the Metasphere). The dogs we sell start life through our own quality breeding program. Breeders who are certified through our "Litters on the Ground" program create Top Tier K9 litters month after month. German Shepherds, Dutch Shepherds, British Labrador retrievers, Belgian Malinois, Rottweilers and more.

Puppies begin their training at 6 weeks old. You can acquire trained puppies at 9 weeks old (Phase 1) for $5500 12 weeks old (Phase 2) for $8,800 and 15 weeks old (Phase 3) for $12,500, as well as mature trained dogs (Phase 4) from 16 weeks old to 3 years old depending on your needs from $18K - $60K. (we do NOT sell untrained puppies except to our certified Foundation Dog® trainers)

If you need an executive protection dog, you can acquire one for $60K. That would be a 2-3 year old dog that will not backdown in a fight, will give its life in defense of its owner. Is fully off leash obedient, will ignore other people and animals, and can have the additional duties of virus detection, bomb detection, medical alert, and more.

If you need a family protection dog, you have options that range from $30K - $60K. The work is the same as the Executive protection dog but will also integrate with the family unit. Kids, cats, other dogs...roommates, neighbors and challenges that may surprise a dog that are not a threat to the people or the dog himself. If you need a service dog, a dog that provides support for mobility, diabetic alert, seizure support, PTSD mitigation, allergy detection, room clearance, night terrors, and so much have options that range from $30K - $45K. If you need that same service dog to also provide you with protection, we can do that as well. If you want to learn to train dogs to this level, we offer that through our Foundation Dog® trainer program.

If you need an emotional support dog, we offer those fully trained at $5500. Obedience trained loving companions.

All of our dogs and our programs include training you, your family, and integrating the dog into your environment using the best human training programs in the industry. Those costs are included in the price. Average turn around time from contract execution is 8 weeks. We have over 100 dogs in inventory ready to finish for your needs. Give us a call at (850) 321-3253 to get started.

Foundation Dog is a registered trademark of Top Tier K9, LLC All prices are subject to change without notice


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