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Emotional Support Dogs Available

Our "Build a Battle Buddy" and "Buy a Battle Buddy" programs have been a huge success. We are planning 4 new classes next year that are sponsored by Forgotten Coast K9.

These programs provide service dogs to disabled veterans and first responders. "Build a Battle Buddy" trains our warriors how to train a puppy all the way up to "service dog certified" so they get a service dog and a marketable skill to train dogs for a living. Our "Buy a Battle Buddy" is to provide service dogs to disabled veterans and first responders who don't want to learn to be a trainer or who physically cannot train their own dogs.

Not everyone needs a full blown service dog (they are costly to train and maintain). For those who do, we have the 2 programs listed above. For those who don't we have just added our "Emotional Support Dogs" (ESDogs) program. Our certified trainers from around the country will rescue dogs from shelters and train those dogs through the #1 training program in the country (Top Tier K9 board and train) to prepare those dogs as emotional support dogs.

The veterans and first responders will be trained through our Academy for Dog Trainers in the care, use and maintenance of their new emotional support dogs. The network of Top Tier K9 certified trainers is large, covering almost every state in the country. All certified Top Tier K9 Pet and Foundation Dog trainers can take part in this program that is sponsored by Forgotten Coast K9, a 501C(3) charity (

Our goal is to empty shelters and keep our certified trainers busy in their new businesses! Visit to learn more. Visit to make donations to these programs.


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