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Dog Training Jobs Available

Top Tier K9® is expanding. With corporate locations and franchise locations across the country, jobs are being created for dog trainers, kennel technicians, and managers.

We have an immediate need for 2 trainers at our Tallahassee Florida location. These positions will report to our Unit Manager, Alyssa Browning and will be responsible for the daily work at our Tallahassee location focused on Pet Training and sales. We only house the dogs we are training so there are no boarding, day care, day camp or other responsibilities, simply train and care for the dogs brought in each month.

Applicants must be certified as Top Tier K9 Pet Trainers. Compensation will include a salary + training bonuses and employees will be eligible for scholarships to our Foundation Dog® Training and Masters courses in Service Dogs, Protection Dogs and Special Security Dogs. These positions are signing bonus eligible. Many trainers need assistance in departing current locations, buying out contracts, and setting up in new Top Tier K9 locations We can help with these challenges through loans and bonus opportunities, for the right people. The right people: Strong, motivated, self-starters dedicated to the balanced approach to dog training. Strong work ethic, desire to be properly rewarded for merit and excellence, love of dogs and must at least like people (flexible on that :-) ). Upward mobile with the desire to continue your education. Slackers need not apply. You must be willing and able to confront conflict and solve problems on your own, to stand up for yourself with honor and integrity. Our HR phone number is 1-800-Waaaaaah so if you can't deal with things as an individual, if you can't confront and solve your own problems, do not apply because you will not last here.

These positions are perfect for mature pet trainers who desire to learn management and leadership skills and turn their pet training abilities into advanced training of protection dogs, service dogs and special security dogs like police and military K9, as well as virus detection dogs.

All employees at Top Tier K9 are eligible for our Franchise K program. We can help you work your way to own your own Top Tier K9 franchise! We call it the Franchise K program as it easily compares to a 401K program but instead of a simple check once you cash out a 401K you can have your own business that generates wealth for you and your family for decades to come. Join the best dog training company in the world, Top Tier K9. Email with your resume. Deadline for receipt of resume for the 2 Tallahassee positions is 3 December 2023. Positions will be filled January 2024 or earlier depending on the needs of those 2 right people. Top Tier K9® and Foundation Dog® are registered trademarks of Top Tier K9, LLC


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