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COVID-19 Testing for only $.27

Top Tier K9 has developed a complete solution for testing your employees and customers for COVID-19 in near real time for only $.27 per test after the initial investment of a Top Tier K9 certified virus detection dog and handler training. Compare that to the PCR test that takes 15 minutes and costs $95 or the mail in tests that take 2-3 days and cost $50.

Keep your workplace COVID-19 free and upgrade your virus detection dog to the next pandemic in only 2 weeks.

If your business has 100 employees, your costs using traditional laboratory testing with a 15 minute turn around time will be $9,500 per week, a 2 day turnaround time will be $5,000 a week, but using Top Tier K9 virus detection dogs, you can test those 100 employees in less than 20 minutes with near real-time results, with a 96% accuracy rate, for $27.

Your break-even point is 10 weeks with only 100 employees in your facilities. If you have 1,000 employees, a dog can test all of them throughout the week at a cost of $270. 1,000 traditional tests per week would cost $95,000 for a 15 minute return and $50,000 per week for a 2 day return. Your breakeven point is less than 2 weeks with a Top Tier K9 certified virus detection dog with 1,000 employees.

Your initial investment is $95,000 per dog and that includes handler training and covers Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) threats. These Top Tier K9 Foundation Dogs are extremely scalable and we provide ongoing support, upgrades, trade-ins, backups and threat advisories.

We were the first in the world to train a dog to find COVID-19 and we are the ONLY organization that has developed a replicable training process, an inventory of over 100 dogs ready to deploy, a maintenance and support program, and a rapid deployment support team. Visit to learn more. Contact us for a Zoom discussion and demonstration by calling Jeff Minder, PMP at (850) 321-3253.

Foundation Dog® is a registered Trademark of Top Tier K9, LLC


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