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Certified Service Dog Trainers

10 students have entered the Top Tier K9 Service Dog Trainer Master's Program. This program is designed to ensure that graduates have a synthesis level of learning on the training and deploying of service dogs for people with disabilities. The program requires completion of Top Tier K9's Foundation Dog® Trainer program and eligibility for our Master's programs that are limited to graduates in good standing.

The class begins April 5th and will run a full calendar year ending in the student placing/selling a service dog that meets Top Tier K9's rigid requirements with a person with disabilities.

The dogs will begin as Foundation Dogs®. Many students will use their current Foundation Dogs for this class but some will start from scratch with a new puppy to begin the process of adding this business process to their existing dog training businesses.

Top Tier K9 is a leader in the training and deployment of service dogs. This is accomplished through direct sales to people with disabilities and through charities that support certain groups of people like our "Build a Battle Buddy™" program for disabled veterans and first responders and our "K9 Warriors for Women™" program in support of abused women.

This Master's program will set the new standard for training in the service dog industry and provide opportunities for the graduates to participate in our industry leading programs. This class will benefit from the summer release of the Top Tier K9 Virtual Reality Dog Training Center™ that will be used to educate people with disabilities on the handling and care of service dogs prior to working with their actual dogs. Visit to learn more about our industry leading programs and one of the worlds best dog trainer schools.

Foundation Dog® is a registered trademark of Top Tier K9, LLC Build a Battle Buddy is a trademark of Top Tier K9, LLC K9 Warriors for Women™ is a trademark of Top Tier K9, LLC

Virtual Reality Dog Training Center™ is a trademark of Top Tier K9, LLCC


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