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Begin the Journey January 11th, 2024

One of the greatest benefits of starting your own business is that you become the boss. No more back seat driving, no more armchair quarterbacking, no more clock watching and no more "looking busy". You own your future and you begin to grow your wealth day 1. Wealth, for me, is measured using a few variables. Money, revenue/profit is obviously one very important measurement. As your bank account grows, it means you are providing true value to your customers. They are willing to pay you for your products and services. That's a very big deal and is the #1 measurement for success in the business world.

Additional variables to measure success include: your quality of life, your happiness, your ability to help others and make a positive impact on your community, and being in charge of all your own activities; you make the schedule, you decide what is important to do and what is not is a huge measurement for success.

On January 11th, 2024 you have a chance to begin your journey into the world of entrepreneurship in the next Top Tier K9® Pet Trainer class. 8 weeks "live on-line" face to face with the industries top dog trainers where you will learn to train pets for other people, for paying customers. That's the big difference between Top Tier K9 and everyone else. We teach you to be a business professional. We teach you not to just make your own dog better, but we teach you a scalable and transferable solution to help other people and their dogs, we help empty the shelters by fixing bad behaviors in dogs and humans.

While learning to become a pet trainer, you have the opportunity to participate in our Live online Introduction to Foundation Dog® Training class. Everything you learn as a pet trainer is portable into the world of working dog training and the Foundation Dog® is the gold standard of working dogs. Learn to take a puppy and train it on 50 elements that roll up into 4 primary functions of tracking, scent detection, protection and advanced obedience. Once you learn how to train a Foundation Dog, you can then get a puppy and enter into our Foundation Dog Trainer program where we help you apply all you learned to train a real Foundation Dog from the comfort of your own home.

Immediately following your Pet Trainer Live online class, you travel to our Blackwater Bay facility in Milton Florida to attempt your pet trainer certification. a 17 minute drive from the Pensacola International Airport in the northwestern side of the Florida Panhandle. Hands-on with lots of dogs, you learn to manage multiple dogs in a kennel environment and you become not only a trainer of dogs but an educator of humans. You learn to train both ends of the leash. During Pet Certification you attend our industry best Top Tier K9 Business Bootcamp where you learn to think like an entrepreneur, manage projects, improve communications and write an executable business plan.

Once you complete Pet Certification you can either launch your Top Tier K9 franchise, or head on home and open up your own "white label" dog training business. Franchisees stick around for advanced business training, sales and marketing training, and learn to use the Top Tier K9 Franchise system.

Foundation Dog certification follows Foundation Dog trainer class where you return to Blackwater bay and show off your newly developed skills in protection work, tracking, scent detection and advanced obedience. Masters programs in service dogs, protection dogs and special security dogs round off the education you have access to at Top Tier K9. In these masters programs you learn to integrate the sales of protection dogs, service dogs and special security dogs into your pet training business, a level 2 franchise.

As a level 2 franchise, you participate in our "Build a Battle Buddy" ( program and our "K9 Warriors for Women ( " program. You can resell our dogs and our support systems through Top Tier K9 corporate and be an important part of the working dog world.

Top Tier K9 has trained and certified more than 200 dog trainers across the world. The US Patent and Trademark Office recognizes the Foundation Dog® as a training process for service dogs, protection dogs, and police/military K9 (special security dogs) and has awarded that trademark to Top Tier K9® which is also an approved trademark of Top Tier K9, LLC. Top Tier K9 was the first in the world to train a dog to hunt for and indicate on the COVID-19 virus and teaches you these advanced techniques in our masters programs. Top Tier K9 invented the worlds first Virtual Reality Dog Training Center allowing customers to practice the command sequence in the training of dogs for obedience in the metaverse. 12 months ago, we launched our Franchise system and have doubled the national average for year one non-food franchise launches. Want to be a part of the absolute best in the dog training industry? It all starts with the next class on January 11th, 2024. Day and night options. We meet twice a week, live online every Tuesday and Thursday. Choose between the day class (10am - 11:30am EST) or the night class )6pm-7:30pm EST). Visit and sign up on the front of the website.

Top Tier K9® and Foundation Dog® are registered trademarks of Top Tier K9, LLC neither trademark can be used without the explicit written permission of Top Tier K9 LLC.


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