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Become an Entreprneur

Entrepreneurship is the vessel that allows individuals to have a major impact on civilization. The ability to build family wealth and create a legacy that elevates our grandchildren, and their grandchildren is an added bonus.

Having an impact on civilization is accomplished by very few. The great author, singer/songwriter, scientist, and even an occasional politician can make a long-term, positive impact on civilization. The overwhelming majority of people who have the greatest positive impact on civilization are the entrepreneurs.

More and more, people are desiring to become entrepreneurs. It's in their blood. Leaving the humdrum life of the 8-5 and that paycheck/expenses that have created a horrible environment for the individual. Where even 20 year olds have a "countdown to retirement" clock. Spending time each day hoping to become old so they can stop the hell of "the working life".

We are launching another Top Tier K9 franchise next week. A man spent his adult life working as for a major telecom company only to be laid off after decades of dedicated service. All that work, innovation, leadership, and production was tossed right out the window.

He trained his first dog over the last 6 weeks and fell in love with that process. He is coming to Milton Florida in 2 weeks to certify as a pet trainer and take our industry leading business bootcamp where we teach real capitalism and help him start and run his own business. He will launch his Top Tier K9 franchise in the great state of Pennsylvania before the end of the year.

I was a software developer, a project manager, and worked for some of the largest and most successful corporations on the planet. The corporate world sucked me dry. My ideas, even patents were taken in exchange for a "living wage" and a fear to lose those "benefits" that today equal "spit in a bucket" of what I have been able to accumulate over the last 10 years as an entrepreneur.

Dogs saved my life and training dogs and their owners to live their best lives together is part of a $110Billion pet industry where we have a phenomenal brand.

  • I can teach you how to train dogs, all dogs...pets, service dogs, protection dogs, police/military K9...all dogs.

  • I can teach you how to train the dogs owners.

  • I can teach you how to start and run your own business, how to manage things and lead people.

I can provide a path where you look forward to each day, where you build wealth for yourself and your family, where you retire based on your choice, not a company's schedule, and not based on another man's promises but on your own effort.

Next class starts January 11, 2024 with day or night options. Learn to train pets, certify as a pet trainer, launch your business. Then learn to train working dogs; Foundation Dogs and learn to finish those dogs as service dogs, protection dogs, and special security dogs.

Let 2024 be your year of entrepreneurship. and


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