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2023 Foundation Dog® Development Competition

..and so it begins! The January 2023 Top Tier K9 Foundation Dog® development competition. Rock solid litters with amazing bloodlines and rock solid trainers all certified by Top Tier K9 and employing rock solid training protocols using the trademarked Foundation Dog® program, while employing traditional training venues sprinkled with the worlds first Virtual Reality Dog Training Center (a product of Top Tier K9)

We have 3 litters in the competition The "litters on the ground" in the January 2023 competition are:

B5/Ringo. B5 is a Bart/Bonnie dog and Ringo is a Havok/Ziva dog.

Both dogs have proven themselves in the Top Tier K9 Foundation Dog program and as working dogs.

Ringo is one of the highest level protection dogs we have deployed. Great nerves, stellar bite, extreme intelligence, scent work and tracking are both solid. We proof all the working elements of any dog we breed.

B5 is a proven momma and her last litter have all been deployed as service dogs, demo dogs and protection dogs. She had the very first litter that we were able to deploy the entire litter with personal protection capabilities, the entire litter are excellent bite dogs...very rare. All 10 puppies from this current litter will enter the competition.

Mexx/Tokio and Mexx/Sabi: dogs are amazing examples of the breed out of Miller Ranch K-9 LTD. These are Line bred Big Roy, Devil, Tommy dogs (Pegge Hans lines) via Miller Ranch-K9 LTD (Chad Miller: Top Tier K9 Certified Master Trainer and Breeder) with a total of 15 puppies from the two litters.

40% of the battle is outstanding dogs. We have have that covered. 30% of the battle is outstanding trainers with access to a replicable training process and world-class online support. We have those as well. The next 20% is the ability to complete the processes while keeping the dogs safe and thriving. This program will utilize 5 separate training facilities staffed and supported by certified Top Tier K9 trainers and 24/7 vet tech support, and will follow the Top Tier K9 Foundation Dog® training program to the letter. The final 10% is a job for the Foundation Dogs® once they are finished (phase 4 of Foundation Dog® training. Top Tier K9 will be announcing over 50 new locations across the country to support and resell our finished protection dogs, service dogs and police K9 in their local communities at the launch of this program.

We have a total of 8 trainers (so far) in the competition. Some of the trainers will be current students in our Foundation Dog® Trainer Class that starts February 1st, 2023 through the Pet Trainer class that begins January 12th, 2023. So these students will have amazing support in training their high level Foundation Dog®.

2 Franchises are participating: St. Augustine Fl and Bradenton Fl. They will use the Foundation Dog® Training in their local communities to show off their skills and increase their core business offerings. 12 weeks into the competition, their phase 3 Foundation Dogs® will be ready to finish as service dogs, protection dogs, special security dogs (virus detection, bomb dogs, police K9 and more) and sold in their local communities with ongoing end user support from Top Tier K9 Corporate or kept as amazing demonstration dogs for future sales opportunities.

  • 1 puppy will be trained by a new affiliate in Arkansas in the next Foundation Dog Trainer class.

  • 5 puppies will be trained by Jeff Minder, Master Dog Trainer and CEO of Top Tier K9, Top Tier K9 Franchising, and Top Tier Meta.

  • 1 puppy will be trained by Alyssa Browning, Top Tier K9 Certified Master Dog Trainer and Certified Top Tier K9 Instructor.

  • 2 puppies will be trained by Amanda Clawges, Top Tier K9 Certified Master Dog Trainer and future Top Tier K9 franchisee.

  • 2 puppies will be trained by Bridget Weidner, Top Tier K9 Certified Master Dog Trainer and future Top Tier K9 franchisee.

  • 2 puppies will be trained by Madison Stafford, Top Tier K9 Certified Foundation Dog Trainer.

We anticipate that at least 10 additional students will chose to participate from our 30+ new students starting in our January 12th Pet Trainer Program.

Visit to learn more Visit for information about our VR app Visit to join the best dog training team in the world


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