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Affiliate Testimonial

I’ve had the privilege of getting to know Jeff Minder over the last year when I decided to quit my job and take my love of training dogs to the next level, ultimately desiring to open my own business. I had no knowledge regarding how to start a business or what that whole process would entail.

It wasn’t until I took one of Jeff’s intro to project management and business seminars that I realized this humble, unassuming man was one of the most talented and accomplished people I know. Jeff did a phenomenal job of relating the proven processes of project management to raising a puppy and to dog training in general. The knowledge I gained in this course allowed me to feel like I now had a leg up on others in this industry.

I was one of the first to have the opportunity of becoming an affiliate for Jeff’s company, Top Tier K9. If it wasn't for the business and project management support they offer, I wouldn't be as successful as I am right now. I took several of Jeff’s online seminars on project management and business which taught me a wealth of information. Jeff has the unmatched ability to take someone, like me, who knows nothing about business, and through his teaching and guidance, transforms them into a person with the knowledge, confidence, and understanding of how to be a successful business owner. I learned more about the right way to start a business and had faith in everything Jeff suggested I do.

Knowing I have the support of Jeff and his incredibly talented team at TTK9 gives me a feeling of confidence that I wouldn't otherwise have. Jeff motivates me to continue growing and expanding as a trainer, business owner, and as a person. Knowing someone is holding me to the highest standard of professionalism, which he holds all affiliates to, helps me continue driving forward when others around me settle for complacency and maintaining the status quo.

Carolyn Cabot Master Dog Trainer and Owner Great Lakes K9 Solutions

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