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Affiliate Testimonial

My husband and I own K9s On Patrol Services LLC/The RGV K9 Training Centre in Edinburg, TX, which is a training facility for working dogs and pets. We, like most other businesses starting up, faced many difficulties in the business without really knowing how to expand or simply move forward without working 24-7.

Even though I have developed and run a couple businesses before this, I do know that there is always more to learn. I have found mentors in the past that have made a big difference in my way of thinking when it comes to business decisions. So when Jeff Minder introduced his business strategies, it made me realize that this was the next step. I looked at this as an opportunity to open our minds to trust and learn from someone that has had years of experience in business. But not only business, he understood the business of dog training.

We hired Jeff to come to our facility to review us, our strategies and our goals…This was the best money spent to date on our business.

Jeff opened our minds to working smarter rather than harder and turned our business around! His theories proved correct and by just listening and staying focused on our goals, we are fully booked and moving to our next step of expanding. I really didn’t grasp the concept that simplifying our goals would make profits a reality in just one month. For all of us starting out, it is hard to let go of our own beliefs on how things should run. But Jeff made it so simple to follow, that now I can’t imagine how things would be if we didn’t hire him.

K9s On Patrol Services LLC is now a Platinum Affiliate of Top Tier K9. Jeff Minder has not only proven to be an available role model for businesses, but he has developed a team that cannot be matched for those that want to learn how to be dog trainers. With this team, his Academy for Dog Trainers is the only one that provides the experience, knowledge and skills that a new dog trainer needs to be a successful business owner as well as trainer for dogs and people.

We are proud to be a part of the Top Tier K9 affiliate program.

Thank you Jeff

Leslie Garbutt Vielma

Certified Master Dog Trainer

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