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The World's Greatest

June 6, 2024 Tallahassee Florida: Top Tier K9® has been recognized as the World’s Greatest Dog Training Company and will be showcased on the Television show “World’s Greatest!...” to air June 8th and June 15th on Bloomberg TV.

“Being recognized as the World’s Greatest Dog Training Company is an honor and a responsibility we do not take lightly.  This recognition highlights our success in building our business over the last 10 years.  We focus on constant improvement, quality programs, innovation, and the development of true instructional methods using advanced technology that brings out the best in dogs and their owners”. – Jeff Minder, CEO Top Tier K9

“Our Creative Team generates an idea for the show, they forward it to the Production Assistants. The Assistants then conduct research within the specific industry, reviewing company websites and related materials to compile a manageable list of potential candidates. This curated list is then passed on to the Associate and Senior Producers, who initiate contact with these companies through discovery calls and interviews. They strategically identify a select few candidates who exhibit leadership, expertise, innovation, pioneering spirit, or possess compelling narratives and visuals that resonate with our viewers”.

“Following this, the Production Managers fact-check these companies and produce detailed cost-and-logistics reports for each, further refining the list to a group of finalists. The Associate and Senior Producers are tasked with creating comprehensive written and visual presentations of these finalists, which they subsequently pitch to the Executive Producers. Upon approval from the Executive Producers, the chosen company is formally notified of their selection to feature on the show as the "World's Greatest!" - Robert Baccarie, Chief Production Officer, World's Greatest TV

Top Tier K9 has an all-encompassing command of the dog training industry.  The Top Tier K9 Academy for Dog Trainers educates pet and working dog trainers from all over the world and provides a business training program that prepares dog trainers to start and run their own businesses.  Top Tier K9 Franchising was launched in August of 2022 and has already expanded to seven US states.  The bridge training for business professionals to enter the world of dog training through franchising is without peer and has opened the industry to true business development, delivering the best training for dogs and their owners, as a force multiplier.

Top Tier K9 provides high quality working line puppies through it’s “Litter’s on the Ground” program and a training protocol to produce Top Tier K9 working dogs through the Foundation Dog® program, a replicable process that not only produces great working dogs, but trains others to become Foundation Dog Trainers and finish those dogs as protection dogs, service dogs and special security dogs including virus detection dogs. Top Tier K9 was the first in the world to train a dog to hunt for and indicate on the COVID-19 virus.

Top Tier K9 trains people with disabilities to train their own service dogs through it’s “Build a Battle Buddy” program and assists abused women in obtaining protection dogs through It’s “K9 Warriors for Women” program. 

For pet obedience training, the Top Tier K9 (4)-week, board and train program is recognized as the world’s greatest approach to dog training using a balanced approach to dog and owner training. The optional use of the world’s first Virtual Reality Dog Training Center with augmented Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps pet owners achieve an application level of learning on managing their Top Tier K9 trained dogs, giving dogs and their owners the greatest life possible.

To learn more about Top Tier K9 visit and look for a Top Tier K9 Certified Location in your community to have your dog trained by the world’s greatest dog training company.

To learn how to open your own Top Tier K9 Franchise visit and become a part of the future of dog training.

Contact:  Jeff Minder, CEO Top Tier K9 and Top Tier K9 Franchising
3011 Garcon Point Rd
Milton Fl 32583
(850) 321-3253

Top Tier K9® and Foundation Dog® are registered trademarks of Top Tier K9, LLC


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