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So much growth, opportunity, and expansion is happening at Top Tier K9! Thank you to all who participate in our school (Academy for Dog Trainers), support our charitable programs (like Build a Battle Buddy™), acquire dogs from us, and trust us to train dogs for you. We could not do this without you and we are dedicated to constant improvement and quality assurance! The School: Top Tier K9 is rated as one of, if not the best, dog trainer school in the world. We train people to train dogs, start their own businesses, and create new products, services and results in the dog industry. We train people to train pets and working dogs. Most notably, our Foundation Dog® program has received national attention for the unique way we have combined project management to the dog training world in developing military/police K9, service dogs for people with disabilities, family/executive protection dogs, and our virus detection dogs that helped mitigate the great pandemic of 2020 and are ready for the next viral challenge.

Build a Battle Buddy: This program allows charities from across the world to send disabled veterans and first responders through a training process that teaches them how to train their own service dogs, provides them puppies and real-time support, and finishes the team as certified service dog + handler. It provides ongoing training and support to all graduates through our Academy for dog trainers. The veteran pays 25% of the fees, the charity then pays 50% of the remaining balance and Top Tier K9 matches that 50% with in-kind contributions. The first class of veterans and first responders starts July 10, 2021 sponsored by Forgotten Coast K9.

K9-Cop Magazine Conference: Nashville Tn 13-16 September 2021. Top Tier K9 will launch our new municipal leasing program for military/police K9, bomb dogs, and special security dogs including virus detection at this conference and show off some of our 4-5 month old puppies that are being trained as Foundation Dogs® and available for sale/lease. With over 100 dogs available today and a pipeline of new recruits vetted through our "Litters on the Ground" program, Top Tier K9 has established an international supply chain, breeding, and training program that is staged to change the way municipalities (cities, counties, states, and governments in general) acquire working dogs and support.

COVID-19 detection Program: Detailed training on how Top Tier K9 trained and deployed the worlds very first COVID-19 detection dogs be will given at the K9-Cop Magazine Conference, Top Tier K9 will describe our new rapid deployment program to help mitigate the next virus outbreak BEFORE it becomes a pandemic. Foundation Dogs® are scalable. Our current batch of COVID-19 detection dogs can already indicate on the new Delta variant of COVID-19. We can add new viruses to a virus detection dog in less than 2 weeks and train the handlers at the same time. Foundation Dogs® are scalable...your police K9 (that began as a Foundation Dog®) can be turned into a virus detection dog, a bomb dog or even a diabetic alert dog for his handler in less than 2 weeks.

Dock Diving and Agility Program: Top Tier K9 is in the process of installing a 36' dock diving pool and a complete agility course within the secured areas of our Madison Florida campus. These options will be dedicated to our Foundation Dog training program and available to our students who arrive for the Foundation Dog® Trainer certification. Having this equipment just yards away from our puppies entering Foundation Dog® training will allow us to greatly increase the health, wellness, and capabilities of our puppies, trainers and staff. Classes will be held for dock diving and agility for our preferred customers and select graduates. These programs are not open to the public.

Scent Detection in Sports Program: Top Tier K9 is launching a sport based scent detection program in support of NACSW rules and requirements. This is a sport program offering that takes advantage of our advanced scent detection innovations allowing students to lead the field in sport based scent detection. This will be a similar offering to our Dock Diving and Agility Program relative to use and access.

Litters on the Ground™ Top Tier K9 experiments with breeders from all over the world in a process that allows the best of the best to rise to the top and be recognized in our Litters on the Ground program™. These working line breeders are assisted by Top Tier K9 through our affiliate network that includes vet techs, veterinarians, nutritional experts, lawyers, trainers, and more. Top Tier K9 then acquires litters and enters those puppies into our Foundation Dog training program through our own facilities and through our certified trainers/affiliates across the globe. We are working on developing the top bloodlines in the world for GSDs, Belgian Malinois, Dutch Shepherds, British Labrador Retrievers, and Rottweilers by supporting the best breeders and helping them develop a quality control and assurance program. These puppies are only available to our Foundation Dog Trainers, Certified Affiliates and Top Tier K9 corporate.


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