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January 11th, 2024 - Let's Roll

It all starts January 11th, 2024. The first step in a journey that will change your life for the better. To learn to train pets for paying clients, then move up the ladder to Foundation Dog® training that begins February 21st where you learn to take a working line puppy and turn it into one of the greatest dogs on the planet, a Foundation Dog, the special operator of the K9 world.

On to the master's classes helps you take that Foundation Dog® and finish as a protection dog, a service dog, or even a special security dog in the areas of bomb detection, virus detection, crowd control and so much more.

You then learn how to start and run your own dog training business then leave the corporate world in the dust and live the real American dream...owning and running your own business, be your own boss. The best of the best can even launch their own Top Tier K9® through our franchising system (

So what are you waiting for? If you are already a certified Top Tier K9 pet trainer you can jump right into our next Introduction to Foundation Dog Training class scheduled for February 21st, 2024. In this class you do not use a puppy (yet). You learn everything first, you learn how to train a puppy to track, find specific odor, perform advanced obedience and protect. You learn this at a comprehension level of learning, without a puppy. Once you finish this 8- week class you can get a working line puppy through our litters on the ground program or select your own from a reputable breeder. Then, on that following Saturday, after getting your puppy (no matter when you get it), you log into our Foundation Dog Trainer class for expert help in applying what you learned in the introduction class with your new puppy. 12 weeks later, you have your Foundation Dog and you learned a replicable training process to create more and more of these special operators.

Then you move into our master's program (optional) and take your Foundation Dog through service dog training, protection dog training and/or special security dog training.

At Top Tier K9 you have a real educational system for yourself and your dog. Not a "watch me then do what I say" school like all the others, but an education designed using world-class instructional systems design...better than any university out there as we accept zero/no government money, so we do what is best for you and the dogs, not what is dictated by the deep state or their corrupt politicians. We do what is right, always and that is why we are recognized as the best. This is it. Your chance to become one of the top dog trainers in the world, with the top dog training company in the world. What are you waiting for? There are 4 seats left in the day class and 2 seats left in the night class. There are 7 seats left in the Foundation Dog Trainer Class. (as of 12/14/2023) Signup to begin your journey as a pet trainer: January 11, 2024 every Tuesday and Thursday for $3,250. (you make most of that back training 1 pet). Day option is 10-11:30am EST and night option is 6-7:30pm EST on the front page of Signup right next to the pet trainer button at to take the next Introduction to Foundation Dog Training: $2,450 Includes the $799 Foundation Dog video subscription and we meet every Wednesday from 10am-Noon EST for demonstrations, round table discussions and real-life examples of training puppies to track, find specific odor, protection and perform advanced obedience tasks.

All from the comfort of your home or office. The absolute best training program available anywhere in the world.

See you on the high ground!

Jeff Minder, CEO Top Tier K9 3011 Garcon Point Rd. Milton Fl 32583 (850) 909-2409 Corporate line (850) 321-3253

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