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Congratulations: 13 New Dog Trainers

We had 13 students certify last week as Pet Trainers. They worked very hard to not only learn how to train pets using a balanced approach, but also learned how to start and run their own dog training businesses. Students traveled from France and all over the United States to study at Top Tier K9. 11 of these students are already enrolled in our Foundation Dog Trainer program where they learn to train dogs to track, find specific odor, perform advanced obedience routines, and protect. The puppies they start with with be amazing dogs and can work in law enforcement, as protection dogs, as service dogs, and even special security dogs including COVID-19 detection.

Visit our website at to see these all of the graduates of our programs. Look for the gold standard in your community. Look for "Certified by Top Tier K9" for your dog training needs.


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