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One Stop Shop for Dog Training Services

Top Tier K9 is one of the top dog training schools in the country. We train dogs, and we train people how to manage those dogs. We also train people how to train dogs and how to start and run their own dog training businesses.

Located in Madison Florida, with 20 acres of training area, student housing, and over 12,000sq ft of indoor training space Top Tier K9 provides the following programs and services to the public:

  • Pet training: Basic obedience and problem behavior modification

  • Service dog training: All medical needs

  • Protection dog training

  • Police and Military K9 training

  • Finished Dog sales (service dogs, hunting dogs, protection dogs, sport dogs, trackers, search & rescue dogs and scent detection dogs to include narcotics, explosives, bed bugs, allergen alert)

  • Certified pet trainer program

  • Certified working dog trainer program

  • Certified service dog trainer program

  • Certified safe catch decoy training program

  • Working dog K9 Handler program (Police K9, service dog and protection dog programs)

  • Business development and project management training

We are a Certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB). Go to to learn more about our programs and financial aid options.

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