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Top Tier K9 is Expanding

Top Tier K9 is expanding: We have acquired an 8 acre property for use in our Puppy Imprinting and Working Dog Trainer programs.

Conveniently located just off Interstate 10 in Northern Florida the property has indoor and outdoor training areas, a swim area with dock, puppy imprinting stations, RV hookups, and a lighted SCH/IPO field so students can train day and night to meet their certification requirements.

This property will also serve as our training hub for business and project management training. We will be conducting seminars at this property in business development and customer relationship management, advanced obedience, protection, scent detection, tracking, tricks, and puppy imprinting.

Thank you Top Tier K9 family and team for hanging in there with us, for your loyalty and patience as we redefine the dog training industry, setting high standards of quality, conduct and integrity that only the best can achieve!

Our first decoy/protection seminar is scheduled for March 2016. Come enjoy the warmth of sunny Florida!


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