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The Value of a Top Tier K9 Education

At Top Tier K9's Academy for Dog Trainers we teach you how to train pets and Foundation Dogs and how to finish those Foundation Dogs as Police/Military K9, service dogs for people with disabilities, family and executive protection dogs and even virus detection dogs.

You become one of the best dog trainers in the country and, at the same time, we teach you how to start and run your own dog training business. You can either start your own, private label dog training business or opt to take the Franchise option and open up a Top Tier K9 Franchise in your community.

We offer a dog trainer "only" package for those who do not want to start their own business but want to make a living training dogs as an employee at Top Tier K9, one of of Corporate partner locations or working for a Top Tier K9 Franchise. Not everyone wants to start their own business so we developed our "trainer only" program for folks who want to rise to the top of the dog trainer industry.

Check us out at or to get started on your new career.

Next Pet Trainer Class starts January 12, 2023. Secure your seat at the table in one of the fastest growing industries in America and with the best in the industry: Top Tier K9. Sign up at everyone starts in the Pet trainer class.


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