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The Power of a Foundation Dog®

When we created a replicable process for training puppies that can then be deployed as service dogs, police K9, military K9, protection dogs, virus detection dogs and more we knew we were at the leading edge of the new dog industry.

Every day we see more success in the way we train and deploy working dogs. A Foundation Dog® starts it's life in a litter owned by a Top Tier K9 certified breeder. The puppies begin their formal Foundation Dog® training at 6-8 weeks old. Many things happen with those puppies prior to the start of formal training including sensory work, neurological work, and health/nutrition focus. The formal training includes 50 elements that roll up into 4 functions: Tracking, Scent Detection, Protection and Advanced obedience.

The 4 phases of training prepare a Foundation Dog® for any and all missions. The dogs are ready to be finished and deployed in just a few weeks after purchase.

Our service dogs that also protect are a perfect example of the multi-purpose capability of Foundation Dogs®. recently, one of the dogs came in for some new training. The owner is a disabled veteran, the dog is a service dog that also protects. The disabled veteran, within just 2 years of receiving the dog, has landed a huge opportunity to provide scent detection and security services using his service dog. The only challenge is that the service dog needs to be able to find drugs. Because the dog started life as a Foundation Dog®, putting him on the scent of narcotics takes only 3 weeks and does not interfere with any of his existing missions.

This is another fine example of the power of a Foundation Dog®. learn how to train them and learn how to start and run your own dog training business at The Professional's Choice. Foundation Dog® is a registered trademark of Top Tier K9, LLC.


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