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Service Dogs That Also Protect

For someone suffering PTSD, a service dog can provide lifesaving support and intervention in times of great need. To summon help, provide pressure therapy, take a position of support and even take the lead into the home at night to ensure that the owner is safe by clearing the rooms of potential threats.

When you add the additional duty of protection to a service dog, the impact on the person with disabilities is near-immediate. Feeling safe, knowing that the dog has his back, allows the owner to sleep again, to reduce the hypervigilance and allow that responsibility to pass to his Battle Buddy: His service dog that also protects. Top Tier K9 has lead the industry in the creation of service dogs that also protect through our Foundation Dog® training program. Extreme levels of obedience coupled with advanced protection training helps our clients satisfy the task based requirements of a service dog with the additional duty of personal and family protection giving people who suffer PTSD an additional layer of security that is proving to be of extreme value to our customers.

We train the dog, and we train the owner. The average turn around time for a Top Tier K9 Service/Protection dog is 8 weeks from contract. We keep Foundation Dogs® on hand to select from and finish for customers specific needs. Often a customer will bring a long list of tasks they would like the dog to perform. These task lists always reduce by 80-90% once the buyer actually feels safe and secure again with his Top Tier K9. Healing begins immediately and there is no doubt that a Top Tier K9 is the closest thing to a cure for PTSD that exists today.

Our clients range from 18 months old to 70 years old. Our dogs provide service to individuals with all kinds of disabilities and specific needs but by and large, PTSD is a disorder that is prevalent in the majority of our customers and goes hand in hand with most disabilities. We have helped wheelchair bound individuals who have actually been robbed; criminals attacking people in wheel chairs and taking their valuables, a Top Tier K9 puts an end to that and takes a bite out of crime.

Young people who suffer from physical injuries, from autism, and from sexual assault have all been helped by a Top Tier K9 allowing many of them to move out of their families homes and begin their lives living with with their battle buddy and growing as an individual.

Our Virtual Reality Dog Training Center has created the opportunity for people with disabilities to learn to manage a dog regardless of the presence of their medical devices, in the comfort of their own homes. They practice leash management and applying proper corrections as they get used to using a leash in a wheelchair, with a cane/crutches, with issues related to vision, vertigo, and even lost appendages. Our clients practice in the metaverse, free of stress and with no fear of actually hurting their real dog until they reach an Analysis level of learning on a virtual dog. The transition to working with the real dog is almost instantaneous and has made this possible.

Visit and look at our Foundation Dogs on hand. Any dog listed as Service/Protection can be ready in 8 weeks. You can also call us at (850) 909-2409 and select option 3 to speak to a staff member. Foundation Dog is a registered trademark of Top Tier K9, LLC awarded by the US Patent and Trademark Office in 2018.


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