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Franchise Locations: August 26th, 2023 is the grand opening of the Top Tier K9 - Greenwood location just south of Indianapolis Indiana. We will be showcasing our Pet and Foundation Dog training programs and presenting our work related to COVID-19 detection and the future of K9s in the world of virus detection. The Greenwood location, owned by Ken Weadick, is a state of the art facility that offers a one stop shop for boarding and training needs.

Come join us for a great morning of dog training and education for the grand opening of Top Tier K9 - Greenwood.

Top Tier K9 - Monticello Florida is getting ready for it's grand opening and West Virginia is soon to see it's first Top Tier K9 beginning next week! Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Central Georgia x 2, and Texas will soon have Top Tier K9 locations offering pet training, Foundation Dog® training and finishing services for protection dogs, service dogs and Military/Law Enforcement K9 training and support.

Join our Zoom conference on August 11th to learn if you qualify for a Top Tier K9 franchise and how to begin your training. Sign up at . Watch our new Franchise commercial

Academy for Dog trainers: 25 students arrived July 31st for their attempt at Pet Trainer Certification. A fantastic group of trainers. Some are getting ready to launch their own Top Tier K9 franchises, some are opening up private labeled dog training businesses, and some are employees of our affiliate Pet Paradise, staffing over 50 locations with certified Top Tier K9 trainers.

The Top Tier K9 balanced approach to dog training and people training is the absolute best solution for dogs and their owners.

New class options for Foundation Dog® training. There is a new comprehension based prerequisite to the Foundation Dog trainer class called "Intro to Foundation Dog training". This is an 8 week live-online class without puppies!! This allows our students to learn how to train their Foundation Dog® prior to getting their first puppy. next class starts August 23rd, sign up here

Our next Pet trainer class begins August 10th with day and night options. Time to focus on becoming your own boss and owning your own future. Sign up at

Virtual Reality Dog Training Center: The next release of our Virtual Reality Dog Training Center is scheduled for Q1 2024. Our success in using this system to help train our customers and the customers of our Franchisees and Affiliates has seen tremendous utilization. In addition, the system is extremely valuable in training our service dog and protection dog buyers before handing them the leash to their dogs. An application level of learning is achieved using a virtual dog instead of a real dog, greatly decreasing the mistakes made by young trainers and inexperienced dog owners. Learn more at See you on the high ground

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