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New Foundation Dog® Scenario Club

Owners of Top Tier K9 service dogs that also protect, executive/family protection dogs, Foundation Dogs®, and COVID-19 detection Dogs are eligible to join our New Foundation Dog® Scenario club.

This is a private club and membership applications require approval and are limited to Top Tier K9 clients and Certified Affiliates. On Line and On site opportunities in Madison Florida and Tallahassee Florida.

This is not a sports club. We do not participate in any dog sport. This is a scenario club whereby you and your dog improve with every session with exposure to scenarios specific to your needs. From bite development to drive building, service dog tasks, tracking, advanced obedience, scent detection and testing of COVID-19 detection etc...Nose, ears, eyes, and then teeth... the proper order for creating and improving dogs that provide extreme value to their owners.

Over 8,000 sq feet of indoor training centers, heated, cooled, and insured... rubberized flooring to help maintain the health and stability of you and your dogs. .

Ghetto-Free and Drama-Free zone. A professional setting and staff of 6 certified trainers and support staff.

Private meeting times that allow you to focus on your training without having to wait hours for a chance to work your dog. Scenarios are real world, not sport. Contact us through our website at to apply.

Foundation Dog® is a registered trademark of Top Tier K9, LLC


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