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Continued Growth

Top Tier K9 is the professionals choice. Our Academy for Dog Trainers is recognized as one of the best in the world and we continue to strive to always make it better. Constant improvement and the application of proven project and program management processes help us ensure that we will remain competitive and lead the way in new development in the dog training world.

Our Virtual Reality Dog training Center is now integrated with our Franchise system allowing us to use this new corporate location, in the metaverse, to provide training and ongoing support to our students, our franchisees and their customers. We have proven that the proper design and development of VR based applications can achieve an application level of learning for our users. This is an amazing accomplishment and allows us to train thousands of dog trainers, and their customers, through VR headsets and test their capabilities at the application level of learning, and in some cases even to the analysis level of learning.

Our last 3 service dogs have deployed with owners (Georgia, Texas and Hawaii) who started their journey with Top Tier K9 by learning how to effectively manage a virtual service dog through our Virtual Reality Dog Training Center prior to handling their real service dog. This has greatly increased the confidence and capability of the owners and allowed them to learn to apply rewards and corrections using our command sequence and adjusting to their medical gear/equipment to become proficient at ensuring their service dogs remain viable regardless of their disabilities.

Our certified affiliates and franchisees have deployed VR headsets at their training facilities for use by their pet training clients. This has allowed Top Tier K9 to assist dog trainers by training the owners of the dogs allowing the dog trainers themselves to train more dogs and spend far less time with the owners while ensuring owner training is world-class, consistent and effective.

Our current class of dog trainers are doing well at our Madison Florida campus for their shot at passing our rigid certification processes. Our next class is March 23, 2023 with day and night options. It all starts with the Pet Trainer class, live online every Tuesday and Thursday from 10-11:30am EST (day class) and 6-7:30pm (night class). 8 weeks of training to become a professional dog trainer followed by 2 weeks onsite at our Madison Florida campus for business bootcamp and pet trainer certification.

Learn to train working dogs through our Foundation Dog® training process/class and after certification, take our masters programs to learn how to finish a Foundation Dog® as a service dog, a protection dog or a special security dog. Start your own dog training business or launch a Top Tier K9 franchise if you qualify. We are launching a Tallahassee Florida and Indianapolis Indiana franchise this month!

Our current Foundation Dog® trainer class is halfway through their training and will attempt certification in June. We provided 95% of all the puppies to our students through our litters on the ground program allowing them to start their working life as dog trainers with some of the top puppies on the planet and they don't have to go out and find honest and reliable breeders with quality puppies...something that is getting harder and harder to find today.

Foundation Dog® is a registered trademark of Top Tier K9, LLC


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