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Virus Detection Dogs Available

Top Tier K9 Foundation Dogs® can now be finished as Special Security Dogs that include the ability to find and indicate on the COVID-19 Virus. The trademark and process of creating a Foundation Dog® allows Top Tier K9 to add new virus' in the future to the dogs scent portfolio allowing the investment to create a long term ROI. The dogs can search common areas and detect the presence of the COVID-19 virus. They can be used within a testing grid to determine the presence of COVID-19 in the saliva of a human carrier (symptomatic or asymptomatic). A Top Tier K9 Foundation Dog® is trained on 50 elements that roll up into 4 functions; tracking, scent detection, advanced obedience and protection/apprehension. A Foundation Dog is ready for finishing as a Police/Military K9, Family/Executive Protection Dog, Service Dog for people with severe disabilities, and for use in search & rescue, emotional support, therapy, or even cadaver work.

Contact us at to acquire a COVID-19 detection dog or to enroll in our Academy for Dog Trainers where you can learn to become a dog trainer and to start and run your own business. Foundation Dog® is a registered trademark of Top Tier K9, LLC and cannot be used without the explicit and written permission of Top tier K9.

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