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Protection Dogs for you and your family

These are trying times. Everyone will be challenged to provide their own security and protect their families and their property against the bad guys. Nothing provides protection better than a Top Tier K9 Protection Dog. We start them at 6 weeks old and train them through our one of a kind Foundation Dog® program; recognized by the US government; Top Tier K9 does something that no other organization can Foundation Dogs® that can then be finished as Military/Police K9, security dogs, protection dogs, and service dogs for people with severe disabilities. Click here to see

Your finished Protection dog can be ready for you in just 8 short weeks. You select your dog from our existing inventory of Foundation Dogs (German Shepherds, Dutch Shepherds and Belgian Malinois) and we begin training you on-line through our Academy for Dog Trainers while we finish your dog. You then come to our campus and handle your dog, begin the bonding process and return home with a new K9 companion.

Contact us at to get the ball rolling.

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