Top Tier K9: The Professional's Choice

Top Tier K9 is the world leader in the education and certification of professional dog trainers and entrepreneurs. Our Pet trainer graduates are prepared to train pets for paying clients using a balanced and proven approach to dog training. All of our graduates are prepared to start and run their own dog training businesses through our world class business boot camp that prepares all entrepreneurs to start and run their own businesses not just dog trainers.

Graduates of our Foundation Dog® trainer program have a world class demonstration dog for their pet training businesses and learn to train dogs to track, find specific odor, perform advanced obedience routines and become protection dogs. Our masters programs teach students how to finish Foundation Dogs® as police/military K9, service dogs for people with disabilities, family/executive protection dogs, and special security dogs such as virus detection dogs and dogs for use in private security.

At Top Tier K9 we also run multiple pet training businesses, we have an instructor training program that affords top level graduates a chance to become a professional instructor, we have intern programs that help students achieve

their goals and live their dreams as dog trainers, we have an ongoing inventory of over 100 Foundation dogs® and we finish those dogs as service dogs for people with disabilities, COVID-19 detection dogs, family/executive protection dogs and more. We provide working line puppies and Foundation Dogs® through our "Build a Battle Buddy" and "Buy a Battle Buddy" program in support of the 501(C3) charity Forgotten Coast K9. Our interns and students get to participate in all of these efforts.

Top Tier K9 has a growing Affiliate program and a "Litters on the Ground" program that both help to ensure high value and high quality relationships for our certified trainers and instructors in their ongoing pursuit of excellence.

Top Tier K9 is a regular on the TV series "Unleashed: Dogs without limits" showcasing our COVID-19 detection dogs, protection dogs, service dogs and Academy for Dog Trainers. We have been showcased on Col. Oliver North's "Real American Heroes" and have been recognized by news agencies and reporters from Politico, NBC, ABC and Fox News channels.

The US Patent and Trademark Office awarded Top Tier K9 the trademark for our "Foundation Dog®" name and process. The introduction of Foundation Dogs into the dog industry has elevated the industry to it's highest levels as a