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The Foundation Dog®

A Top Tier K9 Foundation Dog® goes through our finishing school to be deployed as a Law Enforcement/Military K9, Service Dog for people with disabilities, hunting dog, Executive and Family Protection Dog, Speciality Tracking Dog, Cadaver Dog, Search and Rescue Dog, Bomb/Explosive Detection Dogs..and so much more. A Foundation Dog® is trained from birth and by the time the dog is 8-12 months old it has been fully trained in 50 elements that roll up into 4 basic functions: Tracking, Scent Detection, Advanced Obedience and Protection/Apprehension. It takes, on average, 8-12 weeks to then finish the dog in the Top Tier K9 Finishing School for the buyers specific mission/needs. (Explosives/Bomb d

Dog Trainer Classes and Certifications

Our next Foundation Dog® program begins January 8, 2020. We will have over 30 puppies available for students (Mals and Labs). The puppies will be well underway in their Foundation Dog® training (anywhere from 2-4 weeks into it) so you get a hell of a jump start. 4 of the puppies are already reserved for the program...join a great team of trainers beginning January 8! You do not need to be certified as a pet trainer to start Foundation Dog® trainer but you MUST certify pet to be eligible to certify Foundation Dog®. Our Masters programs will take off this year. First up is our Service Dog Trainer and Certification program beginning Febr

Top Tier K9 Foundation Dog®

Pre-order your Top Tier K9 Foundation Dog®! We have over 30 puppies coming into our Madison Florida training facility beginning next week (December 1, 2019). Belgian Malinois', Dutch Shepherds, and British Labrador Retrievers. Our puppies are from the finest stock available in the US, Canada, and the Netherlands. High drive puppies that are selected specifically for their genetics and disposition to enter the toughest and most comprehensive dog training program around; the Top Tier K9 Foundation Dog® training program. The puppies will be imprinted on 50 specific elements that roll up into 4 functions; tracking, scent detection, advanced obedience and protection/apprehension. The dogs are

National Public Radio Interview

Our CEO Jeff Minder was interviewed on NPR WFSU last week. Listen to the interview below and learn about the backstory of Top Tier K9 and the future of the dog training industry.

New Puppies Arriving

33 high drive Malinois and Dutch Shepherd puppies are on the ground and will begin their Top Tier K9 Foundation Dog® training in January. The program will imprint 50 training elements in the long term memory of the dogs. These elements will then roll up to teach the dogs 4 foundational skills or functions; tracking, scent detection, protection/apprehension, and advanced obedience. Once completed, around April of 2020, these puppies will be Top Tier K9 Foundation Dogs® and ready for finishing school for deployment in Law Enforcement, Military, Service for the Disabled, Executive and Family Protection, and any other need where advanced K9 skills will benefit the mission. Elements roll up int

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