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The Foundation Dog®

A Top Tier K9 Foundation Dog® goes through our finishing school to be deployed as a Law Enforcement/Military K9, Service Dog for people with disabilities, hunting dog, Executive and Family Protection Dog, Speciality Tracking Dog, Cadaver Dog, Search and Rescue Dog, Bomb/Explosive Detection Dogs..and so much more.

A Foundation Dog® is trained from birth and by the time the dog is 8-12 months old it has been fully trained in 50 elements that roll up into 4 basic functions: Tracking, Scent Detection, Advanced Obedience and Protection/Apprehension.

It takes, on average, 8-12 weeks to then finish the dog in the Top Tier K9 Finishing School for the buyers specific mission/needs. (Explosives/Bomb detection can take a bit longer).

The Foundation Dog® training program is a replicable training and socialization program developed using world class project management processes that prepares working line puppies for almost any task a K9 can be asked to perform. This program ensure the health and wellness of the dog and brings out the very best of each K9 that graduates the program.

We have Belgian Malinois', German Shepherds, MAL/GSD mixes, and British Labrador Retrievers in inventory, ready to be finished for your specific needs.

We train the dog, we train the owner/handler, we transition the team into mission specific scenario training and we provide on-going support.

Contact us to learn more at We have 30+ puppies in the program. Acquire one today! You can even enter your own puppy in the program and you can go to our school and learn to train Foundation Dogs® yourself. Nobody does it better than Top Tier K9! the Gold Standard of the Dog Training Industry

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