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Dog Trainer Classes and Certifications

Our next Foundation Dog® program begins January 8, 2020. We will have over 30 puppies available for students (Mals and Labs). The puppies will be well underway in their Foundation Dog® training (anywhere from 2-4 weeks into it) so you get a hell of a jump start. 4 of the puppies are already reserved for the program...join a great team of trainers beginning January 8! You do not need to be certified as a pet trainer to start Foundation Dog® trainer but you MUST certify pet to be eligible to certify Foundation Dog®.

Our Masters programs will take off this year. First up is our Service Dog Trainer and Certification program beginning February 9th and running every Wednesday from 10am-12 noon EST followed by 2 weeks on-campus. This is an analysis level of learning class (see Bloom's) and will focus on finishing Foundation Dogs® as service dogs for the majority of disabilities you will encounter and learning how to work with the people with disabilities in the process. Benjamin AloYsius Wolter and Holly N Gary (Holly Horner) are already registered. Join this team and learn to train and deploy service dogs for people with disabilities. You MUST be a Top Tier K9 Certified Foundation Dog® trainer to join this class.

We will be running a Police/Military K9 trainer seminar this spring. Shooting for May 15-19. In this seminar you will learn the basics for preparing a Foundation Dog® for deployment to law enforcement and military units. Many dogs will be available to work with. Live fire range, shoot house, prison cell take downs, explosive detection etc...will be part of the seminar. This will be the precursor to our Law Enforcement/Military Trainer and Certification masters program, reserved for Certified Foundation Dog® trainers.

Hang onto your hats! 2020 will be a banner year for Top Tier K9.

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