Virus Detection Dogs are attacking COVID-19

Soon after the start of the great pandemic of 2020, Top Tier K9 chose one of our top dogs, acquired access to the COVID-19 virus and began the process of building a replicable virus detection training program based on our US Trademarked Foundation Dog® system. (COVID-19 Press Kit April 16, 2020)

In early April, 2020 we proved that a well trained dog, with a mature nose and effective hunt drive could indeed find and indicate on the COVID-19 virus and are more reliable than laboratory tests. We then selected 50 out of 70 of our Foundation Dogs®, that met the right level of requirements to be finished as a Virus Detection Dog (Special Security Dog) and prepared them for deployment to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. See April 3, 2020 WCTV News Report See April 6, 2020 ABC News Report here See First Coast News Report May, 19 2020 Read Politico story

England, France, Germany, Dubais, China as well as US Universities began announcing that they too had seen success in the training of dogs to find the COVID-19 virus. Top Tier K9 is the only private company in this arena and We determined that the missing variable, the biggest constraint to building more consistent results in K9 detection was an effective training program for dogs and handlers. We developed that program and now have a replicable process to scale, train and distribute certified virus detection dogs, Police/Military K9, service dogs for people with severe disabilities, a