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Virtual Reality Dog Training Center

Top Tier K9's Virtual Reality Dog Training Center is a system designed to be used by our pet training clients, customers of our franchisees and students enrolled in our online pet trainer and Foundation Dog® trainer programs to learn about and to practice our balanced approach to dog training prior to working with real dogs.

The Top Tier K9 Academy for Dog Trainers was developed using Bloom's Cognitive Taxonomy. Levels of learning are established and then tested to ensure a student is properly prepared to move to the next level of learning. It is a foundation of training for humans (and dogs) and the most effective method for developing training programs and testing for results.

Jeff Minder, CEO of Top Tier K9 has been developing training programs for 35 years and is an expert in Bloom's Cognitive Taxonomy and implementing technology solutions in support of educational programs designed in support of Blooms. Mr. Minder's business development and project management training programs were internet enabled more than a decade ago for use by universities and fortune 100 companies. This allowed his programs to meet the application level of learning by eliminating the traditional hub and spoke method (students traveling to a school) required to prove an application level of learning in the past. Mr. Minder has now accomplished what was unimaginable just 3 years ago, he has deployed a distance learning system that allows learners to accomplish the analysis level of learning (above the application level of learning) without leaving the comfort of their own homes using the internet and a virtual reality head set while learning to train a virtual dog using a balanced approach to dog training (rewards and corrections).

One of the biggest mistakes made in several countries, and almost made in the United States of America, was the elimination of corrective collars used in dog training. Organizations that simply do not want dogs to be owned by humans have established an anti-training approach that greatly reduces the reliability of dogs in their service to human beings, as a means to the end of dog ownership. Pushing a "purely positive" requirement and not permitting corrections that effectively eliminate bad behaviors, the anti-human groups have achieved their goals in countries like Holland and Australia by using heart wrenching videos of people using corrective collars inappropriately and offering no training on the effective and proper uses of pinch collars and e-collars to dog trainers or the public at large.

Big box stores in the US push a purely positive agenda as a means to ensure a dog is NEVER fully trained. Their "feet in the store" marketing approach simply measures how many times dog owners will have to keep coming back for "bonding sessions" (no way anyone could call them actual training sessions) so the owners buy more leashes, pillows, treats, food, grooming...their goal is to never produce reliable dogs by promoting a "purely positive" approach to dog training and firing trainers on staff who even use the words "e-collar" or "pinch collar" or "corrections".

The irony is, these big box stores sell those corrective collars but forbid any in-store training on the use of those collars and that is the #1 cause of corrective collar abuse in the world today. Top Tier K9 now has the solution to this problem that will greatly increase the skillset of dog trainers and owners in the use of corrective collars prior to these humans ever working with a real dog, they practice on a virtual dog that responds to rewards and corrections just like a real dog and their work is tracked and measured for success.

Top Tier K9's Virtual Reality Dog Training Center is a supplement to our world-class Academy for Dog Trainers and an end-user support system to our students, and our dog training customers around the globe. Version 2.0 will be released in early September that will allow end users to train a dog in all 5 basic commands to include the sit, the down, the recall, heeling and the climb command as well as access our library of training videos in support of those processes. End users will be able to find a local Top Tier K9 Franchise and purchase dog food, treats, training tools and more from inside the Virtual Reality Dog Training Center.

Version 3.0 is in the design phase and will include advanced scent detection training, advanced obedience, protection training and tracking as well as expand the data interaction between the end user and Top Tier K9. Visit, and to learn more.

  • Become a dog trainer and open your own business

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  • ..or simply hire us to train your pet

The one stop shop for dog training and human training needs. The Professional's Choice.

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