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Top Tier K9 Student Benefits

Top Tier K9 is one of the top dog training and human training schools in the entire world and the only one with a comprehensive business development program. What has made Top Tier K9 the choice of professionals who want to enter the world of dog training and associated services is our dedication to our students during and after their education.

At Top Tier K9 you learn how to train all types of dogs, all breeds, all temperaments and for all tasks. From pet training to the premiere Foundation Dog training finished as special security dogs (including virus detection) family/executive protection dogs, service dogs, sport dogs and police/military K9. Top Tier K9 certified trainers are leaders in the dog training industry.

At Top Tier K9 you learn to start and run your own dog training business. Using world-class project management and business analysis training, our students learn how to apply effective project management processes to the start and management of their businesses. These same processes and methods are used by some of the greatest businesses in the country, and they were/are also trained by the founder of Top Tier K9; Mr. Jeff Minder, PMP. As a certified project manager and master dog trainer, Mr. Minder has turned Top Tier K9 into the premiere Dog Training business in the country.

You will start your dog training business with an amazing demo dog that you train during the Foundation Dog Trainer program. You will have one of the best dogs on the planet as your partner in your new business to showcase your training capabilities. Many green dog resellers and franchise holders seek out demo dogs trained by Top Tier K9 for their own businesses. We don't provide them as those demo dogs set our graduates apart from the rest of the pack. Your demo dog will indeed get you business and help you beat your competition.

Top Tier K9 is the legal owner of the term "Foundation Dog" and was awarded the trademark by the US Patent and Trademark Office that also outlines the process used to train the worlds very first COVID-19 detection dog.

Top Tier K9 and our certified affiliates are the sole source provider of Foundation Dogs across the world. these dogs are used as police/military k9, virus detection dogs, service dogs, protection dogs, sports dogs, and therapy dogs. Our students learn to train Foundation Dogs and are in the sales channels for providing these dogs to clients.

Our certified graduates succeed beyond their competition. Top Tier K9 provides ongoing support, business training, and special programs for our affiliates. Build a Battle Buddy ( ) to train disabled veterans and first responders how to train their own service dogs, Buy a Battle Buddy to provide service dogs to disabled veterans and first responders in less than 8 weeks from order, Emotional Support Dogs ( to help clear shelters and train dogs for people who benefit from them, and so much more.

The next class begins 6 January, 2022. Visit to sign up. We have day and night options for this "live online" program that is followed by onsite certifications and business development training at Top Tier K9 in Madison Florida.


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