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Top Tier K9's Build a Battle Buddy Program

We are making great progress on serving our disabled veterans and first responders as well as their families with our "Build a Battle Buddy" program. Today is the opening event for Forgotten Coast K9, a charity focused on assisting first responders, veterans and their families in learning to train service dogs. We have found that the greatest success is when we teach a person with disabilities how to train their own service dog as opposed to simply giving a service dog to a disabled veteran and requiring that the veteran or first responder pay at least a portion of the money required to complete the program.

The program includes education at Top Tier K9 in the Pet Trainer program, Foundation Dog® Trainer program and finishing the foundation dog as a service dog through Forgotten Coast K9 using their certified Master dog trainers and coaches. In addition, students have the option of taking the Top Tier K9 business development program allowing them to not only train their own service dogs but to learn how to start and run their own businesses, training dogs for other people. Here is a fantastic testimonial about the program from Mr. Cody Dollmann newly certified Foundation Dog® trainer and owner of . Visit to make a donation to assist other veterans and first responders in learning to train their own service dogs. Top Tier K9 is matching donations through scholarships to the selected programs.

God bless our troops and our first responders who protect us, and serve us, regardless of the sacrifice required.

Foundation Dog® is a register trademark of Top Tier K9, LLC


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