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Top Tier K9 Protection Dogs

Security is paramount to the success and survival of any human being. Outside of basic survival needs, security is next in line to be addressed if an individual wants to belong, take care of his family, and achieve self-esteem.

Many rely on calling 911 with the hope that "other men who call themselves government" will protect them from evil. They simply hope that someone who is honest and sincere will answer the phone and dispatch an honest and sincere (and rapid responding) force to confront the evil that is coming for them. "Hope" is not a strategy and the left's call to "defund the police" is to take away the "sense of security" and force the individual to submit to the mob out of fear.

The proper response to the socialists/communists attempts at submitting the individual through fear of the mob is to replace the "hope" that calling 911 will save you, with your own security package. Provide your own security so that you and your family are 100% protected from evil and you don't need to use a phone, the internet, social media or rely on neighbors. It is also a very American tradition to dispatch evil by confronting it, as opposed to pushing it down the road to an "easier victim"

Top Tier K9 is providing a very valuable service for those who desire to protect themselves, their families and their property from those who are evil, replacing "hope" with action. A Foundation Dog® finished as a protection dog will be your first line of defense .

A gun is an excellent second line of defense. But, if you are not armed and ready to fire, your weapon will be useless against an attacking force or stalking intruder. Your Foundation Dog® will respond to the intrusion in seconds and will sense the danger sometimes minutes before the actual attack. Additionally your Top Tier K9 Foundation Dog® will protect you in your car and will protect your property.

See our "Parade of Dogs" in our Zoom Webinar this coming Saturday December 4th, 2021 from 11am to 1pm EST. Sign up here:

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When: Dec 4, 2021 11:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Time to begin the process of preparing your home and family. Rely on yourself for your security and you can never be defeated, never be forced to submit to the mob, can never fall to the slavery of socialism/communism.

Buy a Foundation Dog, learn to build your own Foundation Dog, learn to start and run your own dog training business...the #1 working dog trainer school in the country! Top Tier K9.


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