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Top Tier K9 Opening VR Dog Training Center

Top Tier K9 is launching the first ever virtual reality (VR) dog training center in the metaverse during the summer of 2022, and will extend the system into other technical education and business development training solutions.

Top Tier K9 is a leader in the dog training industry. Rated as one of the best dog trainer schools in the world, Top Tier K9 is always looking for ways to improve student learning. That includes the professionals who attend the school as well as the clients that utilize the dog training services of Top Tier K9 certified dog trainers.

Students and their clients will be able to access the system using VR headsets and hand controllers to learn things like adjusting and fitting pinch collars, using the least amount of correction necessary to stop unwanted behaviors, luring, marking and applying effective rewards. Our VR dog will respond accordingly, and both the human and the dog will see the improvement relative to timing, consistency and motivation. These concepts are the core of our traditional training programs and are also the base of our patentable learning algorithms.

While the client’s dogs are being trained at our certified trainers’ facilities across the world, the clients can work through the metaverse to learn how to manage their dogs prior to the dog returning home. The system will log the client’s usage and rate the client based on a success factor. Once the proper success is achieved virtually, it will notify the trainer that the owner is successfully prepared to manage the dog in basic obedience.

Phase 2 will include Foundation Dog® VR training for protection, tracking, advanced obedience and scent detection. The #1 cause of poor scent detection is handlers cueing their dogs without realizing they are doing it. With our VR technology, handlers will be able to practice scent detection in a way that captures body cues instantly. Our virtual reality dog will make fun of the handler when he makes mistakes and help all handlers perform better. Protection scenarios and service dog scenarios will help our clients learn to manage their dogs, virtually, through challenging scenarios and the dogs will respond based on the mistakes of the handler. This brings the handlers to an analysis level of learning before they ever handle a real dog.

This will be offered through our ESDogs (, and our Build and Buy a Battle Buddy programs (; service dogs for disabled veterans and first responders. The VR application for these solutions will allow thousands of veterans to begin learning how to care for and manage a service dog, virtually, as we train their actual service dog for them, greatly reducing the time to market for our dogs. The Virtual Reality dog training center will be accessed through

Top Tier Teams ( will be the extension of other innovative learning programs that will utilize Bloom's Cognitive Taxonomy and the use of virtual reality solutions to extend the internet to the application and analysis levels of learning. These include our award winning business development bootcamp, and will include project management and business analysis tools that can be worked with using virtual reality hardware.

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Foundation Dog® is a registered trademark of Top Tier K9, LLC

Top Tier K9 2409 SW CR 360 Madison Fl 32340 (850) 321-3253


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