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Top Tier K9 On The Road Again

Top Tier K9 is hitting the road again to deliver some amazing puppies to the members of the Forgotten Coast K9 Build a Battle Buddy class. 4 disabled veterans are learning how to train Foundation Dogs® and learning to finish those Foundation Dogs® as their own Service Dogs; that also protect.

The veterans will also learn to train dogs for other veterans, and will learn how to start and run their own dog training businesses if they decide that is what they want to do. The primary objective is for each of the veterans to train their own service dog, and use that service dog as a tool for recovery. Top Tier K9 is the only dog trainer school in the world that trains service dogs to also protect their owners. Many falsely believe that a service dog is not "allowed" to protect it's owner, that is simply not true. All service dogs protect their owners, from being hit by a car (guide dog) from dying of low blood sugar (diabetic alert dog) from falling down the stairs (mobility support dog) and also, even more importantly to a veteran or first responder suffering bite and subdue a bad guy trying to hurt the veteran or his family.

A service dog that also protects helps the disabled veteran/first responder to sleep. His "battle buddy" has his back. It is amazing what proper sleep will do for the majority of symptoms that define PTSD. No more abuse of drugs or alcohol. No more need for a psychiatrist or zombie pills. A good nights sleep knowing his battle buddy will cuddle with his wife and kids, sound the alarm if harm is coming, and launch like a fur missile if someone reaches in the car, kicks in the door, or shows any aggression to himself or his family. It is such an honor to have been selected by Forgotten Coast K9 to provide these services to their veterans and first responders. Stay tuned for some amazing deliveries of some amazing "zombie killer" dogs to some amazing warriors who swore an oath, stood on the line, and paid a heavy price. To donate to Forgotten Coast K9 and their work please visit buy a cup, a hat, a shirt...or better yet, cut a check and know that you are sending 95% of ever dollar directly to that veteran who needs a "Service Dog That Also Protects". God Bless America, God Bless our warriors, and a special shoutout to all of our Afghanistan veterans (we love you and we have your back).


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