Top Tier K9 Graduates

Beginning Q1 2022 Top Tier K9 will be organizing and managing a nationwide program that gets trained dogs into the hands of people with disabilities. These include protection dogs, service dogs, therapy dogs and emotional support dogs.

We are teaming up with Forgotten Coast K9, a 501C(3) as the charitable arm of the program ( . Forgotten Coast K9 will also be responsible for the hands on public access practice/scenarios with the dogs and their new owners during the 2 week finishing school for the Build/Buy a Battle Buddy program.

With hundreds of certified trainers across the country, and in foreign countries, Top Tier K9 is uniquely qualified to manage this program to the benefit of people with disabilities. Our world-class dog trainer school and interactive online classrooms help ensure the proper training is conducted with the end users and that ongoing support is available for the dog owners to troubleshoot problems, coordinate local assistance, or receive advanced training.

Build a Battle Buddy: A proven success. Disabled veterans and first responders learn to train their own working dogs using Top Tier K9's Foundation Dog® trainer program. This 30 week program finishes with a 2 week scenario event taking the pups and their owners on field trips to help proof their work with their self-trained service dogs.