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Top Tier K9 Franchising System

Our graduates can now open their own Top Tier K9 dog training business in a protected territory taking advantage of the excellent reputation of our brand and ongoing business training, marketing and support of one of the top dog training programs in the world. has been established to manage this portion of our business. The sole responsibility of Top Tier K9 franchising is to ensure that the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) maintains quality and conformity to state and federal requirements, to educate franchisees in the application of our dog training and people training methods and protocols, to help promote the Virtual reality Dog Training Center for use by our franchisees and their clients, and to work to ensure financial stability and growth for each of our franchisees.

All franchisees will go through our world class pet and Foundation Dog® training classes and will be required to certify in our Pet Trainer program, successfully complete our business bootcamp, and train their own demo dog through the Foundation Dog® trainer program.

All tuition will be applied to the franchise fee so, in essence, the tuition is included in the franchise fee. Other benefits of the franchise opportunity:

  1. Balanced approach to dog training: Pets and working dogs

  2. Access to our Virtual Reality Dog Training Center for customer training

  3. Demonstration (Demo) dog

  4. Reselling Foundation Dogs

  5. Reselling protection, service dogs, special security dogs

  6. Access to these masters programs when you are ready

  7. Ongoing business development and support

  8. We train your employees as you grow

Visit to learn more and to see if you qualify to become a Top Tier K9 Franchisee. Visit to sign up for our next pet trainer class which begins Sept 8, 2022 with day and night options. Foundation Dog® is a registered Trademark of Top Tier K9, LLC all rights reserved.


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