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Top Tier K9

We have dogs available for purchase. These dogs have gone through the Top Tier K9 Foundation Dog® program and have been selected for specific missions based on their ability and temperament. We have our own breeding program that holds breeders to the highest standards of quality and health, we select the puppies then train them to be the best.

Here is an example of a great Foundation Dog® finished as a family/executive protection dog. His name is Ringo and he has an instant on switch to take out an intruder, and an off switch to cuddle with the kids. An amazing watch dog as well. We have more than 20 dogs just like Ringo that are ready to go into homes as protection dogs.

Here is an example of a great Foundation Dog® finished as a scent detection dog. His name is Red and he can be a bomb dog or a COVID-19 detection dog is just 8 weeks. We train the handler how to use these dogs in their specific theater of operations. We have more than 10 dogs equal to Red, ready to save people from COVID, IEDs, or to find any kind of contraband.

We have 20 dogs under 1 year old that are amazing. We have 20 dogs that are 6 months old and litters on the ground for training the next generation of Virus Detection dogs, service dogs that also protect, military K9, police K9, and of course family/executive protection dogs.

We are recognized as one of the top dog trainer schools in the world, we keep approximately 100 dogs available for purchase, and we even train the family pets at our convenient locations in Madison Florida, Valdosta Georgia and Tallahassee Florida.

Contact us at (850) 321-3253 or visit us at


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