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Top Tier K9

There are many benefits to using Top Tier K9 to train you and to train your dogs. We are one of the top dog TRAINER schools in the world. We have developed "best in breed" techniques and methods used around the world to train dogs. Whether those dogs are household companions that provide love and emotional support, or if those dogs are on the front lines protecting their units and handlers, Top Tier K9 is the trusted source to train and maintain the dogs and their owners.

We have 4 locations to serve our clients. The first, and most important "location" is the world wide web (WWW). For close to a decade Top Tier K9 has developed and deployed learning systems using the internet. Recently, many schools have been thrown into the world of internet teaching and most are not doing a very good job at it. that is because you cannot simply teach over the internet like you teach in the classroom. We develop our programs using Bloom's Cognitive Taxonomy and we ensure that you are learning as you go through our training programs. We teach, we don't simply preach.

Our other 3 locations include boarding and training facilities in Tallahassee Fl, Madison Fl and Valdosta GA. We are equipped to handle any dog, any dog handler and any dog trainer. We focus on the dog and the human in the most balanced approach to dog training you will find.

We created the process to produce, and hold the trademark on the term, "Foundation Dog". A Certified Foundation Dog® is a dog that has successfully learned 50 elements of training that roll up into 4 functions of tracking, scent detection, protection, and advanced obedience. Our training program allows new features to be added to our Foundation Dogs® because of the way we train them and their competence in the language of learning imprinted within them from 6 weeks old. Our Foundation Dogs® are ready to be finished as Police/Military K9, protection dogs, service dogs, and special security dogs to include our first in the world; virus detection dogs (COVID-19+).

We train students to train dogs for other people and to start and run their own dog training businesses. Our techniques and methods have been adopted over the existing forms of "purely positive" techniques which have proven to be more of a marketing technique as opposed to a training technique that creates positive changes in behavior that actually help the dog and it's owner. We use just enough corrections to change bad behavior and to reinforce the positive actions we seek from our dogs.

Whether you are looking for a board and train facility for your pet, seeking to acquire a protection or service dog for yourself or a family member, looking to integrate K9 support within your business or government agency operational environment, seeking to deploy COVID-19 detection dogs, or desiring to learn how to train these dogs yourself then Top Tier K9 is your ONLY real choice! Visit for your #1 provider of dog and human training services.


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