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The History of Working Dogs

We are Presenting today at the beautiful Pebble Hills Plantation in Thomasville Ga. Foundation Dogs and the Top Tier K9 education system are my topics.

Will be a cold day but sunny and fun day with lots of dogs and demonstrations.

We will be there in force, 2 franchisees, 6 trainers, 7 of our dogs including K9-Pie. 6 additional graduates of our programs, 3 of who own and operate uber successful dog training businesses in the area (true entrepreneurs, true rugged individuals)

Chris O'Brian of Forgotten Coast K9 and 3 of the veterans and their Foundation Dogs who have completed the Build A Battle Buddy program.

Kris Morill of Revolutionary K9 with a presentation of dual purpose scent and apprehension dogs.

Brooke Chambers with a presentation on introducing a new puppy to your home.

Alyssa Browning and Madison Stafford will be showing off some of the top K9 graduates of 2023 from our programs.

I am simply in awe at the depth of success of the Top Tier K9 Academy for Dog Trainers. Don't get me wrong, these amazing dog trainers have all gone far beyond the initial programs that got them into the world of dog training and the business development program that is a part of our certifications, but it is surely a level of satisfaction to realize the impact the school has had on this industry.

Dean Weaver will be supporting the program as he dives deep into the dog world.

Pebble Hills Plantation

1251 US-319 S, Thomasville, GA 31792


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